Round and round

Arrange files and folders in circular orbits with this interesting tool.

After years of using Windows, most people find that Windows Explorer and its hierarchical folders is a pretty intuitive way to organize and accessing files. For those users interested in trying something different, however, there's Circle Dock 32bit. This attractive desktop enhancement lets users arrange files in circular orbits, a novel and potentially very useful way to organize things.

The program's interface is attractive, consisting of a light blue ring with a bubble-like graphic in the middle. Right-clicking on this graphic brought up a menu with a variety of options, and at that point we decided that we needed to consult the built-in Help file before we proceeded any further. Using the program is actually pretty simple, once you review some basic directions. Users can right-click on the dock to add a folder, file, special item, or folder stack. Objects can also be dragged and dropped onto the dock from the desktop or Windows Explorer. There are a huge variety of options for customizing the dock and the objects in it, from user-defined icons to adjustments for opacity, dock shape and size, animation, and much more. The only aspect of Circle Dock that we had trouble with was rearranging the objects that we placed on it into different orbits; the Help file wasn't very clear about how to do this, and we never did figure it out. Still, Circle Dock is a fun and innovative way to organize files and folders, and it's worth checking out if you like to experiment with desktop enhancements.

Circle Dock 32bit comes as a zip file. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users.

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