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Get a more useful Start menu with this innovative program.

Like most Windows users, we've gotten used to the Windows Start menu, and we hardly even think about how annoying it can sometimes be to navigate. Start Menu 7 improves on the default Start menu design by making this important piece of Windows navigation more intuitive and useful.

Start Menu 7 replaces the default Start menu with a similar layout that has some distinctly different characteristics. There are four skins to choose from, and we didn't find any of them to be particularly attractive; Start Menu 7 is rather utilitarian in appearance. But what the program lacks in beauty it makes up for in functionality. Start Menu 7 lets people navigate to any folder or file on their computer. For example, whereas the default Start menu shows an icon for My Documents and then opens an Explorer window when you click on it, Start Menu 7 lets people see the contents of their My Documents folder within the Start menu. If you're not sure where a file is, this is a much easier way to find it than repeatedly opening and closing Explorer windows as you check different locations. The program also lets users reorder programs in the menu list and then keep them in the position you've selected, regardless of what you install or uninstall. The program's My Recent Documents feature has the potential to be very useful, but we found that it stored entirely too many documents to really work well; it would be great if it were limited to the last 10 or 15. The program's online Help file isn't really a Help file at all, but a collection of 10 soundless and wordless tutorial videos that demonstrate the program's major features. A real Help file or user guide would be appreciated, because although the program is pretty easy to use, there's no way to be sure you're aware of all its features without a lot of exploration. Overall, we like Start Menu 7; it's not perfect, but it is a good alternative to the default Windows Start menu.

Start Menu 7 installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all people.

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