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Create strong passwords with this unique freeware.

Good, strong passwords are critical to protecting your hardware, software, and personal data, yet how often do you find yourself using the same easy-to-remember, easy-to-enter passwords over and over again? Or do you draw a blank when trying to come up with a decent password that you can remember? JBCG's WebPassPro is a free password-generating program that can save you from using predictable passwords by generating unique, secure passwords for you. It doesn't save passwords on your system, and what data it does save on your PC is encrypted. It can regenerate passwords as required and export password generation profiles that let groups of users share password profiles. It can even handle expiring passwords.

WebPassPro's installer asks you a series of nine questions, such as the name of your first love, favorite teacher, or a memorable phone number. It doesn't save your answers but instead uses them to create a "deterministic algorithm" that generates unique alphanumeric passwords. It doesn't need to store your passwords because it will create the same one for each specific use every time you run it. If you forget a password, it regenerates it; a more secure method than writing them down. The program's interface is a very small dialog with three fields: Info, in which you enter the specific use (i.e., something like "laptop log-on" or "TV guide"); Type, in which you select the type of password-protected program or device to be accessed; and a display for the newly created password. There are just two buttons, Generate and Clear, although the Advanced option on the Settings menu adds a Cycle selector button and a check box to Force Aa#. We typed "E-mail" in the Info field, selected e-mail as Type, and clicked Generate. WebPassPro generated a unique six-character password. We clicked Clear, retyped "E-mail" and selected e-mail as a Type, clicked Generate, and an identical password appeared. Used often enough, you're bound to remember the passwords it creates, but they're a click away in any case, and unavailable to anyone else.

WebPassPro takes a unique and interesting approach to password security. It's easy to use, too, especially the more you use it. For the password-challenged, it's a must-have tool.

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