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Display the most complete system view imaginable with this compact freeware.

System Information Viewer (SIV) by developer Ray Hinchliffe is a free tool that centralizes all the information about your system that Windows scatters throughout a series of consoles, properties dialogs, and other tools. SIV does more, though, extracting even more useful information than Windows, such as detailed information about your CPU, including each core of multicore processors; networks and clients; hardware sensors; and software.

SIV downloads as a zipped file but needs no installation; the program opens with your system's basic information displayed as soon as you click the extracted executable. This makes the program totally portable, too, so you can copy it to a USB drive and use it to examine any Windows machine. SIV has a unique interface, very basic but clean and attractive in an efficient way. It displayed our system's operating system, version, and build; Workgroup; BIOS; Resource Usage; and more; even the performance of each of the CPU's two cores in small graphs. Clicking on any outlined item, such as the BIOS, calls up a dialog with more detailed information. A series of similar buttons runs along the bottom; these access detailed dialogs for Windows, Machine, Sensors, Network, Wi-Fi, Volumes, and more. The Copy button accesses a menu full of useful selections and options such as language, temperature standard, colors, position, and even Registry entries, not just the ability to copy any display or bitmap. Clicking the Help button calls up a page full of quick, clear instructions with further settings, such as HotFixes, Dates, Keys, Classes, DNS Names, Privileges, and more. Each specific dialog also includes even more specific selections; for instance, the USB button includes a FireWire selection.

We've never seen a system information utility that displays as much SIV does. There seems to be no end to the detailed data it extracts, and all of it clearly displayed and managed. We highly recommend this tool; with it, you'll always have the most detailed information possible about your system a click away.

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