Simple screenshots

Capture windows and parts of windows with this basic utility.

There is a plethora of screen capture utilities out there, and there's only so much these programs can do to differentiate themselves from one another. Moo0 ScreenShot is one more among many, neither particularly impressive nor disappointing. If you're looking for a basic screenshot program, it's certainly worth checking out.

The program's interface is plain and intuitive, with a drop-down menu that allows you to choose whether you want to save your screenshot as a JPeG, BMP, GIF, PNG, or ICO file. You select the location where you want to save the captured image and then press a button to capture the entire screen, a particular window, or part of a window. It wasn't entirely clear how this last option worked--what constitutes part of a window?--but it seems that this option can automatically capture an area that's surrounded by another color. In other words, it's good at picking out images, which makes it a nice choice for capturing images that are right-click disabled. Moo0 ScreenShot doesn't allow you to drag a rectangle around the area you want to capture, and that may be a drawback for those who like a lot of control over screen captures. But if you don't mind the possibility of having to do some cropping after the fact, Moo0 ScreenShot works just fine. The program loses points for not having a Help file, but its features are so basic that this isn't really a significant drawback.

Moo0 ScreenShot installs politely but leaves a folder and Start menu icon behind upon removal. We recommend this program.

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