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Create PDFs quickly with this simple software.

It used to be that creating PDFs required a big, expensive program like Adobe Acrobat. Nowadays, PDF creators are a dime a dozen, and they range from the bare bones to the feature-packed. 7-PDF Maker is a simple program that makes quick work of PDF creation, but we can't say that anything about it really sets it apart from the crowd.

The program's interface is quite plain, just a big gray box with tabs for settings and security. Most file conversion programs follow a certain series of steps; typically you choose the file you want to convert, adjust the settings, and then convert the file. 7-PDF Maker is just a little bit trickier; although the file selection dialog is at the top of the interface, this should actually be your last step, as selecting a file to convert automatically starts the conversion process. It is true that the button reads "Select and Convert," and those who are paying attention shouldn't have too much trouble with this, but it's still a little unintuitive. Otherwise, though, 7-PDF Maker is quite easy to use. You can choose a range of pages to convert from a larger document, set compression levels, encrypt files, and create PDF/A-1 files, which are suitable for long-term storage. The program's online Help file is quite thorough, and despite its sometimes imperfect English, it provides easy-to-understand instructions for all the program's features. Overall, 7-PDF maker isn't the fanciest PDF software we've ever used, but it works just fine. Its PDF/A-1 capabilities are perhaps its most interesting feature, making the program a good choice for those who are interested in creating archival-quality PDFs.

7-PDF Maker installs a desktop icon without asking but uninstalls cleanly. We recommend this program.

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