Font name changer

Automatically rename font files with the font's real name with this free tool.

Free Font Renamer is freeware that renames font files, just like the name says, only automatically. Why would you want or need to do that? Because what it does is rename the font file with the full name of the font, so instead of MLON_I.TTF, you get Milion Italic.ttf. The name tells you which font it is right off the bat. If you've ever tried to find a certain font file outside of the system's font properties and controls, you will appreciate immediately how this tool can help. It's optimized for Vista and Windows XP; Windows 7 lists fonts by their regular names.

This compact tool features the familiar main display and left-hand navigation pane with tree view. There's a prominent Help button in the place of the usual file menus, and below are check boxes for renaming options and a Rename button, but that's about it. Clicking the Help button didn't seem to do anything other than highlight a Web link, but the online site does offer useful information. The program is very easy to use: simply point it to the appropriate file, click Rename, and the program searches the folder, determines the font's true name, and renames the folder, just like that. Any characters that can't be reproduced in the file name are left out or replaced with a space, and double spaces are automatically replaced by single spaces. We downloaded some freeware fonts to test the program on some non-Windows files. We ran the tool on one, Abandone.tff, and Free Font Renamer renamed it with its full name, Abandoned Biplane.tff. We installed and ran the software on a Windows 7 machine, too, to verify that it works; it does, so it's useful for fonts with typical font file names that reside elsewhere than the Windows/Fonts directory.

Free Font Renamer is a useful tool for Windows XP and Vista users. Though Windows 7 users won't have as much for it to do, it does install and run in Windows 7.

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