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Print custom CD and DVD cases with titles and info using this focused free tool.

Do you burn CDs or DVDs and then scribble the contents on the jewel case label, perhaps legibly? Why not print a custom label instead? It's easy with Auto DVD Labeler from Johnny Owl. Using it, you can easily create and print custom jewel case labels for your CDs and DVDs. It can retrieve cover art and other information from, or you can substitute your own images and text, change the fonts and aspect ratio, and more.

As the developer states, you should have a printer installed on your system to avoid "Printer error" messages. However, printer emulators will let you use Auto DVD Labeler without a printer. Most users will want to print labels, though, and probably have a printer. Auto DVD Labeler automatically identified all printers on our system, including "fake" printers, and gave easy access through the Printer Setup command on the File menu; an Options menu offers checkboxes for printing styles. This is a very basic program with a very simple interface: Buttons select Front, Inside, or Back views, with an indicator. Clicking the displayed view calls up a properties dialog for editing the image, text, and other aspects. A prominent Amazon Query button calls up a specialized search tool with delineated fields and a cover art display. We entered a movie to search, "Help!" by The Beatles, and selected the appropriate title from the search returns. Auto DVD Labeler quickly filled the fields with title, year, director, and other information about the DVD version of the film, even customer review blurbs. Clicking OK ported the data to the interface for editing or printing. We clicked the cover image and replaced it with our own picture, a simple process.

This is an interesting tool for creating custom CD and DVD labels. It doesn't do anything that you couldn't do with an assortment of graphics tools and some extra time, but that's the point: It's a fast free ride to your destination. Why wouldn't you try it?

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