No-frills notifier

Don't expect many features from this limited program.

We occasionally come across programs that work as they're supposed to but that just aren't, in our view, designed to be very useful. Date Reminder is one such program. As promised, the program will remind you of scheduled events, but we're not sure why anyone would choose this program when there are so many more feature-filled and versatile options available.

The program's interface is plain, with a handful of buttons and a grid where scheduled items are listed. It's easy to create a new item, and users can enter the name of the event, the date, whether it repeats (and how frequently it repeats if it does), and how many days in advance they wish to be notified. Users can also choose custom sounds to be used in the notifications. A search feature allows users to search for a particular event by name. The program comes with a built-in Help file, but for some reason we weren't able to access any of its content. This wasn't a major problem, though; everything about Date Reminder is intuitive. Still, overall, we were not impressed. Perhaps the biggest drawback was the fact that users can schedule events for days, but not for particular times; it can help you remember Aunt Martha's birthday, but it might not be a great way to remember that 10 a.m. meeting with your boss. In general, we're not sure why anyone would use this program when there are so many other options out there that are integrated with e-mail (Outlook and Google Calendar, for example) and that can notify you of upcoming events via e-mail or text message. There's nothing functionally wrong with Date Reminder, but it didn't do much for us.

Date Reminder comes as a ZIP file. It's accessible after extraction with no need for installation. We recommend this program with reservations.

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