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End annoying security messages when you use apps that call Outlook.

ClickYes Pro from ContextMagic lets you easily configure which applications can send e-mail automatically via Microsoft Outlook and which should be blocked. When you open a program that uses Outlook to send e-mail and receive a security warning, you can quickly add the application to ClickYes Pro's exceptions list, usually automatically. ClickYes Pro seems especially valuable for anyone who sends bulk e-mail to customers or clients or for third-party applications that use Outlook to send e-mail.

Unlike many add-ins and integrated utilities for Outlook, ClickYes Pro is a standalone app with its own interface, a tiny but efficient dialog based around a tabbed control icon ribbon and list views for applications and processes. Despite its small size, the program still offers many options, including customizable views, a log file, and the ability to save and open profiles. We initiated several applications to verify that they call Outlook security warnings, including a mobile device updater and an older edition of Office. We then opened ClickYes Pro and reopened the test apps. Clicking the Add button automatically identified the program and listed it in the Application Name field, except in one instance where we had to click the Get button on ClickYes Pro's Add an Application dialog. This dialog also includes settings for allowing certain procedures and for selecting the application to run when ClickYes Pro starts. We closed everything and retested the apps but got no security warnings. Removing programs from the list is a simple process, too. Up-to-date lists of programs known to cause Outlook security warnings are available online.

ClickYes Pro's Help file does a good job explaining how the program works. It's not difficult to use by any stretch, but there are enough settings and customization options that a little help is welcome. If you're looking for a way to end annoying and unnecessary security pop-ups when your software accesses Outlook, give it a try.

Editors' note: This is a review of the full version of ClickYes Pro 3.0.2. The trial version is limited to 30 days.

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