Quick and easy unicode

Paste Unicode characters in a snap with this handy program.

If you've ever had to insert multiple Unicode characters while typing, you know what a pain it is to have to go back and forth inserting characters into your text. Character Map (Java) is a simple--but helpful--program that lets you select the Unicode characters you want to insert and copy them to your clipboard for quick pasting.

We have to admit, we were a bit stumped by the program at first glance. Character Map (Java) runs as an executable file, so no installation is needed; however, it comes in a ZIP file filled with more than 20 different files. After reading through the Help documentation, we discovered that they were the Java *.class files needed to install the program on your hard drive. Not knowing where to click first, we went through each file until we stumbled upon the right one to launch the program. The program's user interface is pretty self-explanatory and resembles the same Unicode interface found in MS Word. A drop-down list at the top of the window let us select the typeface we wanted to use. A different drop-down menu let us select the size of the typeface, but only for viewing purposes, and not for changing the actual size of the pasted typeface. Each character that we selected appeared at the bottom of the interface where we had two options: Clear and Copy All. Once we selected the Copy All option, our character sequence immediately appeared in our Clipboard, where we were able to paste it at our discretion.

Character Map (Java) runs as an executable, so no installation is needed, although it does include the Java *.class files need to install the program on your hard drive. We recommend it for everyone.

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