Registry optimizing without tears

Defragment your PC's registry without changing it with this free tool.

There's no shortage of registry cleaning tools, most of which offer free system scans that promise to boost your PC's performance, but only if you buy something. Many do more harm than good if you're not careful about how you use them. Then there's Eusing Free Registry Defrag, a free tool that cleans up the Windows Registry by removing blank spaces left behind by daily computing and when you add and remove software. Compacting the registry saves RAM, reducing boot and shutdown times and improving overall performance. Free Registry Defrag doesn't change the contents of the registry in any way; it just minimizes the registry hives.

While Free Registry Defrag is definitely free to download and use, you have the option of free registration to get updates, contribute usage data, and participate in the user community. You can also contribute a translation, if you know a language that isn't already in the program's extensive list of choices. The user interface is a simple gray dialog with a few basic controls, notably Analyze and Defragment, but there are also choices for Options, Language, and Help. Since this tool doesn't make any changes to the registry itself but merely deletes blank spaces, it lacks the selection check boxes typical of actual registry "cleaners." It very quickly analyzed and compacted the registry on test machines running both Windows XP and Windows 7, reclaiming several thousand kilobytes of territory on each and displaying the results with before-and-after capacities in the space below the registry display. That doesn't sound like much in an age of terabyte disks, but it's a lot of real estate in the registry, and a lot less ground for the system to cover with RAM.

We've tried tons of registry cleaners yet recommended few and kept fewer still. Eusing Free Registry Defrag is a different story, though. It's fast and effective, and it does no harm. Used regularly, it can help you optimize your system's resources.

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