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Display your Microsoft Product Key Code when you really need it.

Microsoft Windows Product Key Viewer is freeware from Daniel Sage Developing that does just one thing: It displays the Product Key Code for your copy of Windows. Why do you need it? You can just right-click Computer and read the code off the system properties dialog--assuming Windows is working normally. But suppose every effort to recover your operating system has failed, and you're resigned to a total reinstallation of Windows. You'll need your Product Key Code to re-activate your reinstalled software, since you probably don't want to pay for it again. But Windows won't start, and so you can't get the code from it. You can't find the original packaging, and the case label is illegible or missing. There's probably not much Microsoft support can do to help you without it, either. Well, this simple program can save your time and maybe even your sanity.

At 315K, Microsoft Windows Product Key Viewer requires no installation. We simply clicked the downloaded executable and then clicked Run. A small dialog appeared with the Product Key Code for our copy of Windows 7 displayed. We also tried the program on a Windows XP installation, and it did its trick just as well. The thrill didn't last long, but then Windows was running like a top. The beauty of this micro-screwdriver of a utility is that it can be installed on a Flash drive or other portable device and run directly or by command, so it can identify your copy of Windows even if Windows won't open. This is one tiny app that will find a place in our portable toolbox.

We highly recommend keeping all your original Windows documentation, disks, codes, tags, labels, and so on in a safe, centralized place with the documentation for your PC and other programs. However, if you've ever had to help a less-than-experienced friend or fix broken Windows, you might wish you had this tool on hand as well.

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