Shutdown Scheduler

Schedule your PC to shut down, restart, or hibernate with this simple tool.

Easy Pro ShutDown from Hi-SooFT automates the shutdown, restart, or hibernate process for a Windows computer. It's a small free utility that's compatible with Windows versions from 95 to 7.

Easy Pro ShutDown runs as soon as you click its executable file, with no need to install anything, a fact that also makes it portable. Its user interface is a simple dialog that lets you select Shutdown, Restart, or Hibernation and specify the event in a 24-hour clock display by hours, minutes, and seconds, presumably local time since there's no option for international time zones. There are Start and Cancel buttons but nothing else by way of controls or settings beyond a button to select English, French, or Arabic language (or at least Arabic script). We were unable to learn anything more about the software or its publisher; the URL for the developer linked to a related searches page, and a Google search was unenlightening. However, since the program's main (and only) feature is labeled with the explanation, "How long it shuts down or restarts ... the computer?" we're not at all confident that more help would actually be helpful, and it hardly seems necessary, given this program's almost primitive simplicity.

Easy Pro Shutdown did shut our test system down on schedule. But since you can already schedule a wide range of tasks like shutdown in Windows, and with much greater flexibility, we're not quite sure why you'd need Easy Pro Shutdown in the first place. Given its lack of documentation, assistance, or even basic point of contact, we can't recommend it.

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