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Pear Note is a clever app that helps you type traditional notes while simultaneously recording and integrating your notes with any audio or video source.

Pear Note is a clever app that helps you type traditional notes while simultaneously recording--and integrating your notes with--any audio or video source, whether a lecture, a meeting, or a narrated PowerPoint (or even a video that you've imported later). Pear Note captures every keystroke and tracks exactly what was happening as you were typing, so you can go back later and easily see what you were typing at a particular point in the recording.

Pear Note's pleasingly minimal interface has gotten even cleaner in recent updates, with an easy-to-use, two-pane window: the main area is devoted to your notes, with basic editing functionality and tools for highlighting and creating lists, while the sidebar on your left shows the status of your recording, along with an optional live preview. If you're also following along with imported slides (such as from a PDF, PowerPoint, or Keynote file), this where you can see the current slide and navigate forward and back. The top of the interface is dedicated to recording and playback, and it includes handy extras like a Jump button (to jump backward 30 seconds) and a speed-control slider (perfect for filling in the gaps later, if you're trying to transcribe a fast talker). A live search makes tracking down old notes easy, with a quick preview along with the file name and date, and you can export your text, audio, video, and slides in several different formats.

Pear Note doesn't offer much help with actual note-taking, but its integration capabilities can be invaluable for students or anyone else who needs to take notes alongside any type of presentation, live or recorded. This app may be relatively spendy given its narrow scope, but it does offer a free, 30-day trial.

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