Comprehensive conversions

Convert common and esoteric units with this basic program.

The publisher's description for Unit Converter describes the program as a "free unit converter made with an engineer in mind." That may be, but potential users who aren't engineers shouldn't be put off. Although Unit Converter handles measurements like enthalpy and thermal conductivity, it's also a quick and easy way to convert all kinds of everyday measurements.

The program has a unique interface, with 19 different categories of measurement in a list down the left side. Clicking on a category lets users select the original unit of measurement and the unit that they want to convert to. Users then simply enter the value in a box at the top, and Unit Converter displays the conversion factor and the result. Though Unit Converter is capable of converting psi to mmHg and lb/fth to Pas, making it suitable for scientific users, it also covers more commonly used measurements like temperature, volume (handy in the kitchen), weight, and area. The program is pretty basic in its features, but it does allow users to choose custom colors for the interface and to specifiy the font size. There's no Help file, but the program is pretty self-explanatory, as long as you're using units that you're already familiar with. Overall, Unit Converter isn't a fancy program, but it is very useful for scientists, students, and just about everybody else.

Unit Converter installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to everyone.

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