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CoPilot Live HD features 2D and 3D maps of North America stored locally on the device.

Editors' take: Having survived the crucible that is Apple's App Store approval process, CoPilot Live HD has become the first available iPad-specific GPS application. The app is a reworking of the iPhone version of the CoPilot Live app for iPhone, featuring a revised interface that takes better advantage of the iPad's larger screen.

The app features 2D and 3D maps of North America stored locally on the device, so users won't need to maintain a data connection while navigating from point A to B. However, the app will need to make use of the iPad's GPS antenna for positioning, so this is a purely iPad 3G affair. Sorry, iPad Wi-Fi users.

Like any iPad app worth its salt, the app functions in portrait and landscape modes and features pinch-to-zoom on its maps. You can choose your destination from a preloaded database of thousands of points of interest, by entering an address, or by using Live Local search to pluck an address from the Web. There's also a trip planner function that allows you to enter multiple destinations and have the app sort them in the most efficient order--this is a great feature for running daily errands without running all over town.

While navigating, you get spoken turn-by-turn directions, graphic lane guidance at major highway intersections, and access to music controls from within the app. There's also Live Local Weather that can be accessed from within the app. Because everything needs to have a social networking spin these days, CoPilot has also included a location-sharing service called LiveLink that updates your Facebook status--presumably with your destination and ETA.

To keep the app's maps accurate, you also get access to free monthly map improvements and quarterly full-map updates through the end of 2010. CoPilot Live HD North America has been approved and is now available in iTunes for $29.99.

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