Mow down crazed puppets

Imagine yourself on the set of "The Muppet Show"--armed with a chainsaw. Hey, don't feel guilty--those manic, felt-covered crazies started it.

Admit it: Ernie was always lovable enough, but Bert? That guy had it coming. In Puppet War:FPS, you're the janitor for a "Muppets"-style TV show. One day, for reasons unknown, the cute little critters run amok, apparently hell-bent on world domination. And because everyone else has apparently gone home for the day, it falls to you to stop them.

The game plays like a traditional first-person shooter, one that takes place in a colorful, kid-themed TV studio populated by endless hoards of hilarious-looking (but angry) puppets. You start with the janitor's weapon of choice: a mop. As the levels progress, you add firearms and other combat tools to your arsenal. (Our favorite by far: the pliers, which pluck the noses right off those crazed puppets' faces.)

It's all in the name of warped fun, the kind that should delight folks who like "Avenue Q" and "Death to Smoochy." The game's controls are simple enough, and there's enough variety in the levels, weapons, and puppets (gotta love the zombies) to keep things interesting for at least a little while. (Long-term, even a game as cute as this one gets boring.)

It's fun while it lasts, though. Puppet War:FPS offers a deliciously clever twist on the first person shooter genre. We'd say it's well worth $1.99.

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