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Clipmarks is a Mozilla Firefox Web-clipping extension that allows users to save information to a personalized blog.

Clipmarks is a Mozilla Firefox extension that allows you to clip and save any portion of a Web page. The extension is great for sharing clips as well as saving them to a personalized note page. Though the add-on holds minor annoyances, it is an easy and simple way to take Web notes.

After the quick installation, a green paperclip icon will appear to the right-hand side of the address bar. To begin clipping, click on the icon and a green bar will appear at the top of the page. Pan over text to select it; an orange box will outline each body of text. If you want to make a smaller selection, simply highlight the sentence(s) you want to clip. Clip videos and pictures by selecting them as well.

There are multiple options as to where you want your notes to end up. The two main options are "Amplify it" and Clipmarks.com. Amplify is a registration-required, blog-style personal page where all of your clippings will show up. Here, your notes can be viewed by other amplifiers, as well as shared on social-networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Clipmarks.com is the same deal, with a different layout and no option to export to your social account. You can also choose to e-mail your clippings or blog them.

The frustration that this add-on causes stems from its faulty saving options. Once you share a page that you have clipped, the page automatically takes away all of your selections. The problem is that if you want to send the clips again through a different medium, you must notate all over again.

This add-on is a smart choice for people who tend to save much of the information they view on the Web, but only for those with patience.

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