Wear a cool trench coat and blast vampires

Vampire Origins HD combines slick design and hard-core vampire-blasting action, but falls short of great with poor writing and repetitive gameplay.

Load your shotgun, put on your trench coat, and find your best black hat. The first thing you notice about Vampire Origins HD for iPad ($4.99) is the great artistic style and smooth UI. Chillingo (makers of InkVaders HD and Angry Birds) seems to have a great eye for design, but in the case of VOHD, game writing does not appear to be a priority.

Despite the coolness of the hero character, Vincent, and the fact that you get to destroy plenty of vampires, transitional screen graphics contain less-than-inspired prose. Add the lackluster variety in the gameplay and Vampire Origins HD becomes a "fun for a minute, but not likely to keep me interested" sort of game. In this case, it seems as though most of the efforts in the development of VOHD went into art direction, sacrificing the total experience.

Though Vampire Origins HD looks like it should be great, it seems more like a working concept of a game. With better writing and more interesting gameplay, Chillingo could bring VOHD out of the throw-away pile and into your primary rotation of time-wasters.

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