Free PC tune-up

Optimize your PC's performance with this free scanning, cleaning, and tweaking tool.

Magix PC Check & Tuning Free promises to optimize your PC in a few easy steps. It quickly analyzes your computer's performance, identifies any roadblocks, and removes them automatically, based on your settings. Its PC Check Live feature continuously monitors your PC in the background, even when the main application is closed. It has privacy and security features, such as cleaning browser traces, and can also optimize your computer's Internet access. Just as important is what it didn't do, which was any harm to our system.

This tool is free, but you must register online to receive the activation code. However, registration is also free as well as fast. You have the option of installing the Ask search toolbar, but the program doesn't subject you to any adware. As with much freeware, it's a scaled-down version of a larger application, but PC Check & Tuning Free seems complete and thorough enough to keep most users' systems humming. An optional introductory video is a nice touch. The program essentially has two controls, Check PC and Fix All Problems, with smaller buttons for Settings and Additional Functions. It offers the usual rundown of selectable system sweeps and tweaks, with a few not typically found in free tools, such a swapfile and service optimizers and a driver update feature. The initial scan took several minutes and seemed quite thorough, finding eight issues that another utility had overlooked less than an hour earlier. The repair process is thorough and took several minutes, with a progress bar and explanations of what it was doing. The driver update function worked through the drivers' own wizards, sequentially installing each update with its appropriate options.

We've used other programs from Magix and found them efficient and capable. PC Check & Tuning Free is no exception. It found things other cleaners missed, and has some unique and valuable features as well.

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