Blast aliens in a notebook

If you ever sat in third-grade math class imagining that the doodles covering your spiral-bound notebook could come to life, InkVaders HD for iPad is for you.

Simplicity is the name of the game in this side-scrolling, alien-blasting, shooter from Chillingo. The unique artistic style of InkVaders HD takes advantage of iPad's amazing screen, combining retro-inspired "doodle chic" animation and live-action hand interactions.

In this game, you get to use three different weapon styles--futuristic energy guns, everyday physical attacks, and the always exciting grenade launchers--to guide Generic Marine (or G, to his friends) in his quest to destroy Martians left and right. InkVaders HD has an easy-to-blast interface, which means you'll be working your way through aliens in no time.

Three play modes (easy, medium, and hard) over 30 levels in three unique locations make InkVaders HD a joy to play and entertaining for quite some time. You can even go into Endurance Mode and obliterate Martians till the pads of your fingers bleed (Note: we do not recommend doing anything long enough to make your fingers bleed).

InkVaders HD is available from Apple's App Store for $2.99, a reasonable price for the level of fun the game provides. Chillingo will soon be bringing the Crystal network to InkVaders HD, so watch for that in future updates.

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