Start My Day runs all of your stuff

Start My Day is a desktop application which runs your programs simultaneously, but it has some bugs.

Start My Day is a desktop application that launches your favorite applications simultaneously. This is a useful tool for people who tend to use many different applications, files, and Web pages at the same time. Being able to open this application and starting all of your programs with one click is useful; however, Start My Day has many bugs that need to be fixed.

The app is supposed to work with an alarm start-up. Under the settings menu, there is an alarm option where you can set the time that Start My Day begins to run. There is also an option to launch Start My Day upon computer start-up. Though the alarm does not work whether the computer is on, the application will launch upon start-up if that option is selected. This does not seem to slow the computer down in any way. Another problem is the curious error message that shows up when Start My Day begins. After the initial message, "publisher cannot be verified," which you can choose not to see again, another message reads: "unhandled exception has occurred in your application." To disregard this message you must click "continue."

Once the program is open, you can start selecting which applications, Web sites, and music you would like to start your day with. To open all of these at once, select "Run all." At first, a message will pop up stating, "cannot start processes," even though they all start shortly after.

Start My Day would be a very practical application if it did not have multiple glitches. Nonetheless, it is still useful when you want to open your favorite stuff all at once without the hassle of searching through your computer.

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