Asset tracker

Know where your stuff is with this asset tracker and bar code generator.

Kaizen specializes in business software; its Asset Manager 2010 Standard Edition creates bar codes that you attach to your equipment or other physical assets. It makes it easy for employees or others to check tracked items in and out. You can even attach pictures, owner's manuals, maintenance records, and other relevant data to the database records. Asset Manager's easy-to-use database makes updating entries simple, and the program's reporting and vendor contact features can help simplify accounting, inventory management, and supply lines, too.

The program's familiar tabbed and paneled interface displays a navigation view on the left featuring tabs for Assets, Personnel, and such; the main window displays and tracks all existing bar codes for each category. It's easy to add new bar codes; we created and edited one for our test system's new monitor, but since we didn't have any printable labels on hand, we didn't actually print out the bar code. Likewise, to make use of bar codes you'll need some kind of OCR reader or scanner technology. Asset Manager 2010 is available in two similar editions, Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. The main differences between the two are refinements and enhanced features geared toward the enterprise. For instance, the Enterprise Edition offers more automated options for features such as backups, but both have the same basic functionality.

Though Asset Manager 2010 Standard Edition is clearly a business tool designed for small to midsize companies, it has potential applications in organizations, community centers, Scout troops, clubs, recreational facilities, libraries, or even large families--anyone with a lot of stuff that needs to be kept track of. It's probably a bit pricey for individuals, but it could pay for itself in a business the first time it prevents the loss or theft of an expensive piece of equipment or a pallet full of supplies.

Editors' note: This is a review of the full version of Asset Manager 2010 Standard Edition 1.0.1092. The trial version is limited to 10 records.

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