Basic PIM

Keep track of your calendar, contacts, and more in this simple program.

Personal Information Managers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. SmartAssistant bills itself as a more modern and stylish alternative to the classic PIM program. While nothing about the program really knocked our socks off, it is nice enough to look at and it works fairly well.

The program's interface is a large rectangle, with its various features appearing as colorful modules. There are modules for a calendar, analog clock, task list, reminders, weather, maps, and tools. We were immediately annoyed by the fact that we had to go online and seek out the location code for our city so that we could configure the weather module; fortunately, we already knew how to do this, as the program gives no guidance on where to find this information. Otherwise the program worked as expected; we were able to enter events on the calendar, tasks on the task list, and information in the contact manager. The program has an area to which users can drag and drop particular files, creating shortcuts, which we thought was handy. We do wish that SmartAssistant was a little more customizable; in the tools module, for example, there are links to Web sites like Wikipedia and an online translator, but it would have been nice if users could add sites of their own choosing. It also would have been nice if the program had come with a Help file; it's easy enough to figure out, but if you do have questions, you're out of luck. Overall, we found SmartAssistant to be a perfectly serviceable PIM, if not a particularly impressive one.

SmartAssistant comes as a ZIP file. The program installs a desktop icon without asking but uninstalls cleanly. We recommend this program to all users.

Editors' note: This is a review of the full version of SmartAssistant 2.3.23. The trial version is limited to 10-note/10-contact trial.

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