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This scientific calculator program certainly adds up.

Scientific calculators are essential laptop utilities for engineers, scientists, researchers, builders, teachers, and students. College Scientific Calculator 27 from Tvalx is a fine choice to fill the bill. It offers precise calculations to 63 digits; hyperbolic, trigonometric, and inverse functions; memory for frequently used figures; and the capability to store and reuse calculations and formulas, print them, or save them as text files.

College Scientific Calculator 27's interface is different from most desktop calculator applications, which usually try to mimic the look and feel of a handheld calculator as closely as possible. This program's interface more closely resembles an up-to-date Windows utility, with a tabbed dialog format, multiple entry fields, and clearly labeled entry buttons below. As with other scientific calculators, you can configure the keys and other aspects of the display to suit your needs, and there's ample assistance to help with that and other setup options, including a Quick Start page. Tabs for Formulas, Variables, History, and Help simplify access to the program's configurations and make it easy to reuse results. This program is essentially a more basic and affordable version of the sophisticated scientific calculators that are the developer's specialty, and users who need more than it offers in the way of specific functions can opt for a more capable edition.

A full-featured scientific calculator suitable for wearing on an engineering student's belt can be quite expensive. College Scientific Calculator 27 does everything anyone who isn't Stephen Hawking probably needs it to do, only on the laptop or portable PC you're already carrying around. For the price of a sandwich, coffee, and slice of pie, you can calculate pi, and more.

Editor's note: This is a review of the full version of College Scientific Calculator 27 The trial version is limited to 20 days trial only.
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