Excel-lent time sheets

Add easy-to-use employee time sheets to Excel.

Microsoft's Excel is the world's No. 1 spreadsheet program because of its versatility: you can customize it and add features that greatly extend its capabilities. Employee Weekly Time Sheet Template for Microsoft Excel from Spreadsheet123 is an Excel add-in that can quickly create customized employee time sheets suitable for just about any kind of business. It calculates regular, overtime, sick, vacation, holiday, and special hours, based on hourly rates. It also has basic employee time management features, too. To top it off, it's extremely affordable, about the cost of week's trip to the snack machine, making it a cost-effective alternative to expensive standalone software.

This compact program downloads as a self-extracting ZIP file that requires no installation beyond clicking it. Like the developer's other add-ins, it's configured via Excel's controls. The template opens with a sample weekly time sheet, which you can use as is or easily customize using familiar Excel functions. We easily added a logo, address, and other contact info for a made-up company, but you can add anything you can insert into an Excel document. You can save specialized templates for reuse, such as for temporary hires or part-timers, and keep them separate from your full-time employees' records. It's easy to teach your employees to enter their time, too, even if they've never used a computer, let alone Excel. Since you just enter the time and the program does all the calculating for you, there's less room for error.

It's harder than ever for small businesses to stay afloat these days, and they need every break they can get. Employee Weekly Time Sheet Template for Microsoft Excel has one: for less than 10 bucks, it adds an easy-to-use yet highly serviceable time sheet template to your copy of Excel, and you can afford lunch.

Editors' note: This is a review of the full version of Weekly Time Sheet Template 1.0. The trial version has limited customization abilities.

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