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Create customized packing slips directly in Excel with this template.

Spreadsheet123 specializes in Microsoft Excel add-ins; its Packing Slip Template adds the ability to easily create custom packing slips from within Excel, using its familiar interface and controls. It's designed with the small-business user in mind, but at less than $5, it's so affordable that anyone can make use of it to create customized packing slips for mailing stuff, marking storage boxes, inventories, and myriad other uses. For smaller businesses, though, it's a cost-effective way to reduce human errors and speed shipping while still saving time over traditional methods, not to mention the cost of expensive, specialized applications.

Spreadsheet123's add-ins tend to be small downloads, and Packing Slip Template's self-extracting ZIP file is no exception. You save the template to a convenient directory as an XLT file, which ensures that Auto Save won't update it when you're creating a packing slip. To create a custom packing slip, you simply open the template, use Excel's familiar controls to customize it to your needs, and save it in the appropriate directory, like any Excel document.

As we noted, plenty of users can make good use of Packing Slip Template, but for small businesses that must regularly package and ship goods, especially multiple items, it's especially welcome. For far less time than it would take to create your own template from scratch, you can be done with the job and on to the next task. Compared with the cost of label-creating software and other specialized tools, it's hard to beat, especially since nearly every business already has Excel.

Editors' note: This is a review of the full version of Packing Slip Template 1. The trial version has limited customization abilities.

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