Highly logical

Simplify Karnaugh maps and other graphical logic expressions with this unique tool.

Karnaugh maps are graphical tools used to simplify or minimize Boolean expressions by taking advantage of human pattern recognition capabilities to drastically reduce what would otherwise be complex calculations. They're used by engineers and academics for applications ranging from designing digital devices to working with formal logic expressions. Logic Minimizer from Vikhetan Appa is a unique Windows application for step-by-step simplification of Karnaugh maps, but its full complement of features makes its suitable for working with all forms of logic expressions.

Logic Minimizer's efficient interface sports specialized icons in the toolbar as well as its unique graphical depictions of Karnaugh maps, propositional logic truth tables, and circuits in pop-up displays in the main window, but it's got the familiar Windows look and feel. Boxes for entering formulas and other tasks are clearly configured and labeled, making for easy operation. We'll admit that we applied little in the way of relevant expertise to this program's primary functionality, but it did everything we tried without crashing, which is all we can ask. If you need or can make good use of Logic Minimizer, though, we have no doubt you'll find it equally easy to use, despite industrial-strength capabilities that have won it a place at many high-tech companies.

Skilled developers are constantly turning out tools that simplify complex jobs. Logic Minimizer is just such a tool. Whether you're a semiconductor designer or a philosopher, if you regularly use Boolean logic and other logical expressions in your work, it might be just the tool you've been searching for.

Editors' note: This is a review of the full version of Logic Minimizer 1.2.1. The trial version is limited to 30 days.

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