Full of problems

Don't waste your time with this faulty file management program.

Batch-processing programs can be a lifesaver if you need to rename or add special characters to a large number of files. Rename aims to do just that: rename multiple files in one fell swoop. Unfortunately, a poorly designed user interface and lack of results failed to impress us.

Right off the bat, we were turned off by the program's interface. A tiny window appeared with all of its commands squeezed into the left corner of the window. We thought for sure that maximizing the window would remedy the clutter, but it did not. Radio buttons next to vague renaming options such as "Add .... at (select number from drop-down menu) char from name begin" left us scratching our heads. Plus, each option ran into the other and shared a drop-down menu, making them even harder to decipher. On top of that, the program lacked any kind of flow for intuitive navigation. Not knowing where to go first, we first clicked the More Files button to add our files. Once we added our files, we tried to select a command to change our files' attributes, but none of the buttons worked for us. We clicked on each radio button, but it wouldn't take to implement the command. The program includes a Help feature, but its contents weren't available for view.

Rename is accessible right after extraction, so there's no need for installation. Because of all the problems that we encountered, we do not give this program our recommendation.

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