FFixer enhances your Facebook

Fix up your Facebook with FFixer.

FFixer is a Greasemonkey user script that enhances and customizes your Facebooking experience. With the ability to customize multiple aspects of Facebook, including the way you experience photos, feeds, and chat, this add-on is a must for anyone who spends a considerable amount of time on the site. FFixer is compatible with Firefox, Opera, and Chrome, and requires that you install Greasemonkey before use.

After following the easy installation instructions on the FFixer install page, restart the browser and log in to your Facebook account. Upon scrolling through the site you will notice the large photos that pop up whenever you pan over a thumbnail. This feature is useful when you want to look at pictures without going to their profile. The pop-out photos show up when you pan over thumbnails in your chat box as well. This is convenient; however, it is not a good choice for discreet Facebook viewing and may be frustrating if you are simply trying to scroll through a page. The good news is that this function, and all of the other functions FFixer features, can be turned off by customizing the "Configure FFixer" tab, which is in the "Account" tab in the top menu.

FFixer's customizable options enhance the Facebook experience. With this add-on you are able to view full albums on one page; however, if there are many photos in an album, it takes some time to load. Not only will panning over the pictures produce large pop-up photos, but there is an option to "Show big pictures," which will display the true-size photos in the album all on one page, no clicking through required. You can customize your home page to only show certain stories in the news and live feeds. The add-on includes bookmarking abilities, translation, calendar integration, keyboard shortcuts, and video-downloading options. If you are interested in astrology, your friends' signs will show up in their personal information; if you are bad with dates, their age will show up, too.

The customization menu in the accounts tab is intuitive and easy to use. This add-on is a great tool for people who spend time on Facebook--all 400 million of them.

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