Abysmal content copier

Turn online content into nonsense with this pointless program.

"Raquel Dawson, 17, of Oklahoma Municipality was walking to touch in worrying sequence Weekday when she patterned a mate stranded in a car as a ascending river swamped a street." Is this the kind of "quality and original content" you want for your Web site? If so, Article Spinner is the program for you.

This is, frankly, one of the most bizarre--and useless--programs we've come across. Its purpose is pretty shady to begin with; it starts with the premise that Web site owners shouldn't put any effort or money into creating content for their sites, but instead should just rewrite existing content slightly, and call it something new. This rewriting--or "spinning"--is what Article Spinner does. We copied an article from a popular news Web site, pasted it into Article Spinner, and the program replaced a bunch of words, allegedly creating a new article. The only problem with this is that the word substitutions rarely made any sense, as the first sentence of this review will attest. Article Spinner does allow users to edit the synonyms it uses, but we can't see any way that this program could really effectively do what it says it will. Although the program creates something that sort of resembles new content, what it really does is poorly duplicate content that already exists. And we can probably all agree that there's enough nonsensical, useless content on the Internet.

Article Spinner has a link to an online Support page, but there's no actual information about it there. The program installs and uninstalls without issues. We do not recommend this program.

Editors' note: This is a review of the full version of Article Spinner 4.0. The trial version is limited to 14 days.
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