Fashion faux pas

Don't bother with this pointless fashion profile.

There are people who believe in astrology and people who don't, and even those who do have to admit that sometimes people just make stuff up. Mystic Board seems to specialize in software that does just that, taking popular aspects of New Age spirituality and creating software that's only marginally related. MB Fashion Astrology is but one more example of this.

Like all Mystic Board programs, MB Fashion Astrology's interface is cluttered with ads. The program asks for the user's full first, middle, and last names--which have absolutely no bearing on the results--and the user's birth date. The program then provides a basic astrological profile with the typical vague characteristics: "You are very modest by nature." "You worry for even the smallest of things." The program also lists lucky numbers, lucky days of the week, compatible sun signs, and so on. In another tab the program provides the fashion profile, which is vague and pointless.

The profile is broken into categories--Boldness, Colorful, Custom-made, Traditional, and Frilly--and a sentence is provided about each. "You may think twice before trying out an outrageous outfit." So what? Setting all questions of accuracy aside, what exactly is the point of a piece of software telling you about your clothing preferences? Do you already know this stuff? Although the program is functional, we didn't really find it to have any redeeming qualities. Even the online Help file is primarily concerned with instructing users to "donate" to Mystic Board.

MB Fashion Astrology is free. It installs a desktop icon without asking and leaves a folder behind upon removal. We do not recommend this program.

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