Skimpy screensaver

There are no kitties or puppies to spare in this bare-bones image set.

We were predisposed to like Cuddly Kitties and Canines before we even opened it; who wouldn't like a screensaver by that name? Unfortunately, although the promised kitties and canines were delivered, there weren't enough of them to make this program worthwhile.

The screensaver installed easily in the typical screensaver fashion, adding itself to the list of available screensavers in our desktop Display Properties. We started the screensaver and at first we were as charmed as we expected to be. Awww, a sleeping puppy surrounded by roses! Awww, a tiny kitten on fancy pink pillow! Awww, another puppy reclining in a sea of fake pink fur! Awww... Wait a minute, that's the same puppy surrounded by roses we just saw! And the same kitty on a pillow! Yes, it's true: this screensaver contains only three photos. They're very cute, good quality photos, but who wants to look at the same three fuzzballs over and over, no matter how adorable? The screensaver has no settings or options at all, so there's no way to add more images or even adjust the frequency of the images that are included. Cuddly Kitties and Canines has a lot of potential, but with only three images, it's really not much of a screensaver.

Cuddly Kitties and Canines is free. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We do not recommend this screensaver; you could easily make a better one on your own.

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