Pathetic privacy tool

Don't waste time on this functionally challenged privacy program.

Internet privacy is a major concern these days, and we're definitely interested in any tools that make it easier to keep private information private. Unfortunately, Surf Trail Washer is not an Internet privacy tool that we would recommend.

The program starts off promisingly enough, with what at first glance appears to be a pretty intuitive interface. There are three buttons: Start Automatic Washer, Start Manual Washer, and Options. We started with the Manual Washer to see what would happen. The program, which is compatible with both Firefox and Internet Explorer (we were using the former), scanned our system for a variety of different types of temporary Internet files. When the scan was done, we were able to select which files we wanted to delete. That part was fairly straightforward, although it wasn't anything that we couldn't have done ourselves. The Automatic Washer promises to delete files as you browse, leaving no trace of your activities, but we found that this feature just didn't work. We made sure that we had set the program to delete Internet history, cookies, and typed URLs, but it just... didn't. In fact, we adjusted the settings and clicked Start Automatic Washer, only to come back to the program to find that the Automatic Washer had turned itself off and our settings had been changed. The brief Help file offered very little help. Even if Surf Trail Washer had worked, it still didn't offer any particularly impressive features; its functional problems make it that much worse. Surf Trail Washer has a 10-day trial period. The program installs a desktop icon without asking and leaves a folder behind upon removal. We do not recommend this program.

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