Sloppy design

Skip this poorly designed markup program.

Magic View&Converter is supposed to allow users to view, mark up, and convert different file types. But its sloppy interface and cumbersome navigation left a lot to be desired.

The program's poorly designed interface has rows of command buttons stacked on top of each other, which left a lot of wasted space. Some of the button descriptions were cut off from view; some ran into each other, and others were cut off altogether. We started by clicking the Open button, where we were able to browse for and select a file for view. Our JPEG file appeared, and using the flip buttons, we were able to flip our image horizontally, vertically, and 90, 180, or 270 degrees. If you want anything in between, you're out of luck: You're stuck with the options they give you. The Markup/Measure feature, which introduced even more rows of tiny, unintuitive buttons, let us add text, boxes, and other illustrations to the image. Though each tool performed its function, we found them awkward to use and not as precise as other image editing programs. We then moved on to a Word document but were unable to use any of the markup tools and could only rotate and zoom in and out of the document. The online Help file seems to have been written by someone unfamiliar with the English language.

Magic View&Converter's free trial only allows 20 file views. It installs a desktop icon without asking, but it uninstalls cleanly. Still, we don't recommend this program.

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