Listen with YouTube Music Player, away from the computer

Listen to YouTube playlists with this Mozilla Firefox add-on; just don't try watching them.

Whether you need a dose of funny baby videos or want to check out that depressing cell phone commercial, YouTube usually has it all. This includes thousands of songs. YouTube Music Player, a Mozilla Firefox add-on, allows you to search the YouTube music video database and create playlists using them. This add-on is great for listening to a YouTube playlist while you are away from your computer. However, don't expect smooth sailing when you are surfing the Web or doing any other computer work.

After restarting Firefox, a red play button will appear in the right-hand corner of your Web browser's status bar. To create a playlist, go to the new "YouTube Player" tab in the browser menu and select "search." A selection of songs will appear at the left-hand side of your browser. Panning over a song will allow you to preview the video before you select it for your playlist. When you have selected your songs, click the red play button and the song's respective music video will pop up. You have the option of watching it in full-screen, small-screen, or hiding it in your tool bar. The pop-up video will include forward and back buttons, as well as repeat and shuffle buttons to navigate through your playlist. Forward and back buttons will also appear in your status bar while the playlist is streaming.

YouTube Music Player is a great idea; creating a song/video playlist is much more useful than having to constantly click through YouTube archives. Unfortunately, that is all this add-on is, an idea. Though the songs play perfectly, the video playback is slow and frustrating to watch. Not only is the video slow, Firefox itself becomes substantially slower than when the playlist is paused.

Enjoy listening to YouTube-based music video playlists, just don't try watching them.

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