Find That Band searches without the search engine mess

Find That Band is a music search extension for Firefox which focuses artist searching across several music web sites.

When we are anxious to hear a band's new release, nothing irritates us more than typing their name into the search bar and getting a batch of results for kitchen supplies and sheet metal companies, among other unhelpful sites. FindThatBand, an addon for Firefox, sifts through the junk that search engines often produce by finding the band across a condensed list of popular music sites.

Initially when restarting, it seems as though nothing has changed and your music search problems are not over. However, the beauty of this addon is behind the click. To search for an artist, highlight the name and right click. The usual menu will pop up, with an extra option: "Find this band/artist on..." Upon clicking, a selection of eleven Web sites will drop down. The sites listed are Myspace,, Pandora, Wikipedia, Hype Machine, Amazon, iTunes, Discogs, All Music, iLike, and Grooveshark. Clicking on any of these choices will automatically open a new tab with the artist's page on the corresponding Web site.

All of these Web sites offer a different way to experience the band. Amazon and iTunes, for example, direct you to a page where you can buy the music, while Hype Machine and Grooveshark will play full songs at your disposal. Whatever Web site you choose from the menu, these options give you a multitude of ways to find the information and music you are looking for.

Overall, this extension is useful, intuitive, and a helpful tool for music lovers everywhere.

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