Lousy lister

Don't bother with this barely functional eBay tool.

Serious eBay sellers often opt for special templates and other enhancements to make their listings more attractive. Listing Factory 2009 promises to create custom eBay listings with minimal user effort, but unfortunately, it did not deliver on its promises. This program is in fact one of the single worst pieces of software we've ever reviewed.

The program's interface looks nice enough, and a wizard feature promises to make the process of creating an eBay listing easy and intuitive. But right from the start, the program puked up error message after error message. The messages popped up as fast as we could dismiss them. Once we'd clicked through all of those, we set about trying to create an eBay listing. The program provides a long list of templates to choose from, but doesn't seem to offer any sort of preview, so we couldn't really tell what we were doing. Listing Factory gives users the option of saving the listing HTML to be used elsewhere--on Craigslist, for example--but when we tried to view the HTML file, the code was invalid. When we tried to sign into our eBay account to do what Listing Factory is really meant to do, upload listings to eBay, we got more error messages and no results. The program's online Help file is for the 2008 version of the program, and we have no idea if the two versions differ significantly. Overall, we found Listing Factory 2009 to be poorly designed and barely functional, and we do not recommend it.

Listing Factory 2009 installs and uninstalls without issues, which is perhaps the only good thing we can say about it.

Editors' note: This is a review of the full version of Listing Factory 2009 The trial version is limited to 30 days.
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