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Merge, split, lock, and unlock PDFs with this simple, efficient business tool.

Spireframe's PDF Prime is an efficient, standalone utility that can merge, split, lock, and unlock PDF files, the basic functions most users need most often. Instead of spending valuable time learning how to do a simple job with a complex application (or worse, relearning it) you can opt for a simple tool like PDF Prime and be finished and on to the next task.

PDF Prime has a very basic and businesslike dialog-based interface; just a toolbar with a few large icons labeled Merge, Split, Lock, and Unlock, and a simple file menu that essentially duplicates the control icon's functions, except for a Help link to Web-based instructional articles. Icons for adding, removing, and clearing files line the side of the main display. We keep a set of test files, mostly old manuals, which help give a seat-of-the-pants feel for each program's performance and capabilities. PDF Prime is among the fastest and easiest PDF utilities we've tested. We clicked Add, browsed to the files, selected a pair, and clicked Merge. We barely had time to observe the green progress bar before the merged file was done. Same with Split, Lock, and Unlock. While that's pretty much PDF Prime's whole bag of tricks, that's also its best recommendation: It does what it does fast and without fuss, the essence of productivity.

We tested PDF Prime in Windows 7 and Vista. It's an affordable solution for handling basic PDF tasks that can help you to take care of business in less time than it takes to read some software's documentation.

Editors' note: This is a review of the full version of PDF Prime 2.0.5. The trial version is limited to 30 days trial only.
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