Name that tune

SoundHound for Android names that tune.

If you're having trouble naming that tune, just fire up SoundHound to speak, sing, hum, type, or record a song for the music-identification service to identify. It will return a song, complete with artist bios, video links, and links to an online music store. SoundHound will also, crucially, pull in song lyrics where available or link you to a lyrics search where they're not. Trend charts show you how popular a song is vis a vis the publisher's online and mobile network, and you can see which songs other users have identified. A free version of SoundHound maintains the entire feature set, but limits the number of sung, hummed, or recorded song IDs to 5 per month. There's no cap on typing or speaking your music terms.

What would be an improvement is if SoundHound on Android would follow in the footsteps of its iPhone kin and integrate with the native media player.

Take heed that SoundHound (like rival Shazam) isn't a music downloader nor a streaming music app a-la-Pandora and the rest of that crowd. But it will identify as many songs as you throw at it, and then some.

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