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Quickly add location data to images with this simple tool.

Modern-day digital cameras can record a wealth of information about the photos they take, everything from details about the camera itself to exposure and flash information. One other very useful type of information that can be stored within image files is location data. Although many newer cameras have GPS capabilities built-in, images taken with older cameras may lack this information. Panorado Flyer makes it easy to add location data to existing images using Google Earth, ensuring that you'll never again look at a photo and wonder, "Where was that taken?"

Panorado Flyer is incredibly easy to use. Users must first navigate to the desired location within Google Earth. Then simply right-click on the photo or photos you want to tag within Explorer; the Panorado Flyer menu will appear along with all of the other typical options. Select "Get location from Google Earth" and the program will apply the coordinates to the selected images. For images that are already tagged with location data, Panorado Flyer can quickly fly to the appropriate location within Google Earth. The program doesn't have a Help file and is pretty self-explanatory, but the publisher's Web site does offer some basic information about GPS for the uninitiated. Overall, we found Panorado Flyer to be extremely easy to use, and we think it's a great way to add location data to images without too much hassle.

Panorado Flyer is free. It installs without issues but leaves a folder behind upon removal. We recommend this program to all users.

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