Backups beckon

Back up your critical settings with this easy-to-use tool.

Backups are essential, and the ready availability of easy-to-use software means no more excuses will be accepted. Static Becky Backup is a case in point. It's an all-in-one tool for backing up your e-mail messages and accounts, contacts, digital signatures, personalized stationery, and other settings that are a royal pain in the apps to re-enter, if you're lucky enough to recover them when they're deleted, damaged, or otherwise lost.

Becky Backup's setup wizard walks you through the process of setting up a destination folder as well as configuring optional FTP and disk-burning options. Becky uses this location to store your saved settings and data in a proprietary file and retrieve them via a restore wizard. Becky's archive can be compressed and password-protected, too. The main interface features large, highlighting icons with explanatory labels; each calls up a functional dialog for entering selections, an efficient arrangement that keeps the main workspace tidy. A Scheduler tab simplifies setting Becky for regular backups, which is highly recommended. You can access the initial preferences wizard at any time, so it's easy to make changes. A full backup took only a few minutes, as displayed in progress bars. An interesting extra is the ability to create different backup profiles, allowing you to choose quick or full backups as needed.

The only issues we had with Becky Backup were its use of a proprietary file format to store data, which isn't unusual, but it means you have to use Becky Backup to open it, and some incompatibility with Windows 7.

Editors' note: This is a review of the full version of Static Becky Backup 2.9f. The trial version is limited to 20 days only.

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