Something different in a PIM

Bring order, efficiency, and enhancement to your day with this unique planner.

Proactime Pro is a productivity software suite combining the functions of a personal information manager with time-planning and scheduling tools based on the developer's training and managerial expertise. It's designed to help the user focus on one task at a time at maximum efficiency and distinguish between productive and unproductive or time-wasting activities. In design and function, it offers a refreshing take on an essential class of software.

Proactime Pro's "dashboard" sports a wide toolbar topped by tabbed keys, a file menu, search tools, a calendar display, and an intriguing feature, real-time tracking of workload and productivity hours. The main display is divided into a series of expandable, spreadsheet-like windows for projects, notes, files, and such; a daily schedule; and an activities list. Tabs labeled "Free Your Mind" and "Prepare Your Actions" help users prioritize as well as evaluate their activities, including for criteria such as community impact and self-actualization, based on managerial techniques. An Instructional Guide tab, extensive Help file, and considerable documentation help users understand and make the most out of this interesting productivity tool. One of the many unusual aspects of Proactime Pro is its capability to plan your schedule around your "identified cycles of energy," which sounds a bit airy but simply means those times in your daily schedule when you're the most and least productive, such as mornings or after lunch.

Proactime Pro definitely stands out from the crowd among PIMs and scheduling tools, and it combines a top-flight PIM with unique features that can make a difference, and we think it's worth a look.

Editor's note: This is a review of the full version of Proactime Pro 1.16.9. The trial version is limited to 15 days trial only.
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