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Calibrate your monitor with this sophisticated but easy-to-use tool.

Lutcurve is a sophisticated display calibration tool that can optimize your LCD or CRT monitor's settings. It's easy to use, but we agree with developer Atrise's recommendation that new users first read the PDF-based manual that comes with the download. It explains not only how to use the software but also what it does and why, so you get a good lesson in how your computer's monitor creates realistic displays.

Lutcurve's main window features a Command Button Bar along the bottom that includes Navigation Tabs accessing its calibration features. The program changes your monitor's settings through the "look-up table" (LUT) your PC uses to convey information to the display, allowing for very precise control of levels, so it recommends using your default color management profile and optimizing your display using your monitor's controls before applying Lutcurve. Clicking each tab calls up individual settings for five factors, Black Point, White Point, Gamma, Color Correction, and Curve Adjustment. Color-based displays make changes easy, but we quickly found the extensive, clearly written manual essential for adjustments, which are easy to make but require explanations. A Reference Image page lets you check your adjustments. We were surprised how out-of-kilter our test display was, based on the improvements Lutcurve made.

Lutcurve's two-stage hardware/software calibration yields a superior display without having to use external hardware of measuring devices (though Atrise recommends that color professionals use Lutcurve with their monitor's ICC profile). Its color-based control displays make fine-tuning your computer's monitor easy, once you know what to look for.

Editor's note: This is a review of the full version of Atrise Lutcurve 1.5.1. The trial version is limited to 30 days trial only.
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