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Don't expect to be wowed by this typical browser.

Wyzo is yet another contender in the browser wars. It looks and acts just like most of the popular browsers on the market, but there's nothing about it that really makes it stand out above the rest. However, it's another option for those who like to have something different.

Wyzo's straightforward user interface will appeal to novice and advanced users alike. Menu options run across the top of the window, with frequently used navigational commands below. Wyzo imported all of our Firefox bookmarks during the installation process without any issues. Wyzo offers a thumbnail view of your tabs, so you can click on the page you'd like to view. The program let us browse the Internet as usual. The new Private Browsing feature worked without a hitch, letting us safely browse without worrying about our browsing and search history, cookies, or temporary Internet files being compromised or retained. When the time came to download media content, Wyzo was able to successfully and quickly download files, but it certainly wasn't noticeably faster than Firefox or IE. Strangely, Wyzo offers Help links for both Firefox and IE, but it couldn't locate the URLs. So if you do need any help, it seems like you're out of luck.

Wyzo is free. It installs a separate search toolbar without your permission, but both the browser and toolbar uninstalled cleanly. If you're looking for something better in a browser, you won't be wowed by Wyzo. But if you're looking for a simple change to your browsing routine, it's worth a look.

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