Solid performance

Search for and download Web images with this capable program.

As its name suggests, Extreme Picture Find lets you search for and download Web images. Though it took us a few minutes to find our bearings, this tool performed as promised.

Extreme Picture Find opens with a seemingly plain and straightforward user interface, but it took us a little while to get the hang of things. Menu and navigational commands run across the top of the window, and multiple panels take up the rest of the space. We opted to start by checking out the program's online project database, which included a long list of subjects, ranging from architecture to celebrities to furniture. Clicking on each subject displays a starting address; as soon as we clicked Start button, the program went to work, monitoring addressing, which could be seen in the bottom panel, and filing away images in one of the upper panels. We were able stop and resume the search by clicking the Stop button. We then moved on to creating our own search project. We clicked the New Project button, and the program walked us through the process of entering a starting address, a category, and the target files, which can be JPEGs, TIFFs, PNGs, and other formats. Again, Extreme Picture Find quickly went to work, moving through URLs and finding images based on our criteria. From there we were able to click through each file and view it in the middle panel.

Should you need it, Extreme Picture Finder does offer an ample Help file. It installs and uninstalls without any issues. We recommend it for intermediate to advanced users.

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