Sweep it up

Clear mines on the go with this portable version of the Windows classic.

Virtually everyone who's ever used a computer has played Minesweeper, the classic Windows game in which users must strategically locate and mark mines hidden on the board. Mines-Perfect Portable is nearly identical to the original Windows game, but it's made to be portable and has a few cool extra features.

Mines-Perfect Portable is indeed meant to be installed on mobile devices, and the installation process reflects this; users have to specify the installation location, and there are no desktop icons or Start menu items. The game's interface looks almost exactly like that of the Windows version, and gameplay is the same as well. Mines-Perfect Portable, however, comes with some extra options to spice up your minesweeping experience. Not only can you choose a beginner, intermediate, or advanced board, you can also specify the board's shape. In addition to the traditional square, there's also a hexagon, triangle, 3D grid, parquet, pentagon, and triangle 14. Some of these are quite challenging, which is a nice change from the traditional Minesweeper. The game also comes with several different modes of play, including original, hint, lucky, immune, start-up, and Murphy's Law. All of these are explained in an HTML Help file, although this can't be accessed from the game's interface; you'll have to go back to the installation folder and open it. Overall, we found this to be a faithful reproduction of Minesweeper, with a few enjoyable updates.

Mines-Perfect Portable is free. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users.

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