Portable puzzle

Connect the dots when this basic but enjoyable game.

Jooleem Portable is a basic puzzle game that's designed to travel with you on a portable device, although it works fine on a PC as well. It's not the most thrilling game we've ever played, but it is surprisingly addictive.

Getting started with Jooleem Portable isn't necessarily easy. Users must manually specify where they want the program installed, which makes sense given that it's designed for portable use, but this step might flummox novice computer users. There's no desktop icon or Start menu entry, which means that you'd better remember where you installed it if you want to access it again. Once we attempted to play the game, we realized we had no idea how it worked; although there is a brief demo when the game first starts, if you're not paying attention you'll have no idea what to do. And although Jooleem Portable comes with a Help file, there's no way to access it from the game itself; you'll have to go rooting around in the folder where the game is installed. It turns out that the object of the game is to highlight marbles that create a rectangle. The interface consists of a grid of stars, blue spheres, hearts, and emeralds, and players must try to find four of one type that that create four right angles. The marbles inside the rectangle then disappear, which earns you points, so the bigger the rectangle, the better. The game has optional music and tracks high scores, but that's the extent of its features. Still, it's a nice-looking, fun game, and we enjoyed it.

Jooleem Portable is free. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users.

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