Quick name change

Easily rename batches of images with this flexible program.

Anyone who owns a digital camera knows how quickly thousands of digital images can accumulate. It's no small task to keep all those photos organized and easy to access, especially with meaningless camera-assigned file names like IMG_0169.jpg. Fast Photo Renamer is a simple tool that can help you give meaningful file names to entire folders full of images, making files easy to identify at a glance.

The program's interface is plain and won't win any beauty contests, but that's OK. One pane displays the computer's contents in a tree hierarchy, making it easy to navigate to the photos you want to rename. Another pane displays thumbnails of the selected images, and an area below the navigation pane shows a larger preview of each individual image when you click on the image's thumbnail. Options for batch and one-by-one renaming are arranged in two tabs. Renaming singular images is as easy as typing the new file name and hitting Enter. The batch renamer offers plenty of options for designing file names, with a mix of predefined fields--date, size, camera, etc.--and free-form text boxes. This allows users to specify information like the name of the location or event where the photos were taken and combine it with metadata from the image file. We found this to be a very flexible and useful way to rename groups of images. Fast Photo Renamer's Help file doesn't actually contain much in the way of instructions, but the program is pretty easy to figure out.

Fast Photo Renamer is free to try, but a nag screen encourages users to purchase. The program installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users.

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